About xFrontend

We Build The Experience That Matters The Most.

About xFrontend

A Brief Intro

We are the WordPress development company creating only fabulous WordPress themes and plugins.

We’ve extensively provided services to Startups companies around the world, and built many intuitive new media portals and social community platforms that served much more than 200 millions of users, in total 7 human languages.


We believe design means how it works- for that we build the experience that matters the most for your website, and blog, and the visitors- by hand crafting best of the best WordPress goodness.

Our mission is to offer handsome WordPress themes (and plugins) with smart functionalities which works seamlessly on all devices to ensure intuitive experience for users of all kinds.

The Keymaker

Omaar Osmaan

Full-stack Developer. UX Explorer. Entrepreneur.

Living truthfully to captivate lively. Innovating WordPress. Designing/Coding stuffs since ‘99. Polyglot programmer, keen on innovation throughout the processes- stubborn about quality and exceptionally honest. Loves writing important, or not so important stuff including Haiku, Limerick and nano tales on his personal blog.

It’s a mystery at what time and how does he manages to get his sleep.