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An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Dear Folks:

Welcome! We’re xFrontend- we build the experience that matters the most. And we’re the Whiz Kid in the WordPress Universe- we’re going to make a dent in your heart. It’s our mission- :)

A dent- that we hope you’ll cherish! With our intuitive, smart WordPress Themes & Plugins we’re aiming to enrich your experience for your everyday blogging- including, extending your websites that powered by our darling, The WordPress.

We’re calling xFrontend, the Kid, as of today- because most likely you’ve just heard the name!

To tell you the truth, we’ve been experimenting into making WordPress Themes (and Plugins) couple of years now. Before making WordPress products, we’ve extensively provided services to Startups companies around the world, and built many intuitive new media portals and social community platforms that served much more than 200 millions of users, in total 7 human languages.

This is the day we launched our WordPress Shop- and as you already know- we’re hoping to make a lovely dent in your heart. You definitely can help us making “the dent” faster-

  1. Explore our brand new WordPress Shop. Do you like it?
  2. Get a copy of Snowbird – The WordPress Blog Theme. Take your eyes on the Live Demo. It costs only a pinch of your crush.
  3. Make it part of your life by activating it on your blog- don’t you love it already?

And, you can help us making a lots more WordPress Goodness (Handsome WordPress Themes, Plugins, Goodies) in the forthcoming days. What do you want us to make for you? Would you help us providing you speedy, and one-on-one friendly support, too?

You can pick a plan we made for you to help us funding the venture! To sweeten the deal, when you’re checking out use the coupon code AWESOME to save 50% off of the price! The coupon code will expire on April 10, 2016- this is the biggest offer we’ll ever make! Isn’t it an offer you can’t refuse? ;)

We’ve 5 more WordPress blog themes in the pipeline. Couple more draft plans for Plugins is on our table. These will progress alongside this lovely, beautiful year- and we’re pretty confident these gonna hit your heart to mark the 2016 as the great year in your life-calendar (we should not forget, our darling WordPress are getting better, too!).

What do you say? Are we friend?


w/ Love-
The xFrontend Team

PS. Would you spread the word- pretty please? You know, the more the people, the greater the fun- right?

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